How to find a festival near you

This wiki was designed to help bring attention to the fun and unique festivals that go unnoticed throughout the MIdwest. While only a few have been listed here there are actually countless festivals taking place in each state. You find information about most of the more prominent and well known festivals online. Use the resources provided below to learn more about the common festivals taking place throughout the Midwest. To find other more unique events remember to check here for updates or feel free to add your own info. to help spread the word about a rare festival that you are aware of. Most cities also maintain Parks and Recreation Departments that provide their communities with information about the events taking place throughout the year. Check your local city's website for more information.

Helpful books and other print resources:

Fairs and Festivals: Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, Sally McKinney, country Roads Press, 1996
ISBN: 1 56626 134 1

Historic Festivals: A Traveler's Guide, George Cantor,Gale Research, 1996
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Main Street Festivatls: Traditional and Unique Events on America's Main Streets, National Trust Guide, Preservation Press, 1998
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