Collegiate Jazz Festival

The University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana is home to the nation's oldest Collegiate Jazz Festival.ยน The festival, held in February each year, began celebrated 50 consecutive years in 2008. The festival features about 10 jazz bands each year, in a non-competitive format that "focuses on learning." Judges critique and provide feedback for each band during the festival. In 2008, judges included Jamey Aebersold, a saxophonist, Gene Bertoncini, guitarist, Jim McNeely, pianist, Dan Morgenstern, writer and historian, Larry Ridley, bassist, Marvin Stamm, a trumpet player, and Clif Wallace, drummer. All of the judges were former "competitors" at the Collegiate Jazz Festival during their own college careers.

The festival is commemorated with a marker on campus, which is actually located on the only stone remaining from the old Notre Dame Fieldhouse, which was destroyed in 1983. This fieldhouse, as a marker on the opposite side of the stones indicate, is where "varsity and intramural athletes shook down the thunder for seventy years 1898-1968." and "President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed a special University convocation in the Fieldhouse December 9, 1935." The marker commemorating the Collegiate Jazz Festival is pictured below:

Marker on Notre Dame's campus commemorating the Jazz Festival

A photo of the Old Fieldhouse markers in relation to the rest of campus. Notice La Fortune Student Center at the left. Barely visible through the trees are the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Golden Dome.


The University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, Indiana, which is in northern Indiana about 70 miles away from Chicago and 130 miles away from Indianapolis.


February, dates vary


Check out the CJF website for details. Tickets are available free of charge to students of Notre Dame, St Mary's and Holy Cross. The general public may also obtain tickets for $5/session, $9/two sessions or $12/three sessions. Tickets are available at the LaFortune Box Office (open daily 9:00 am-1:00 am) on the University of Notre Dame campus, or via phone. Call the LaFortune Box Office at (574) 631-8128.

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